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The Spectrum Advantage

The Difference is in the Details...



It has been written that one of the wisest ways to increase your home’s value is by investing in stone countertops.  Stone is not a fad and doesn’t go out of style.  For centuries, it has adorned the most beautiful of homes.  It transcends the march of time.



While the stone is never outdated, the techniques used by many fabricators are.  Spectrum Countertops utilizes state-of-the-art templating and fabrication practices.  Our Digital Templating System will measure your job with precision laser technology ensuring unparalleled accuracy.  This information is then transferred to numerically controlled CAD-CAM stone cutting systems which allow us to offer countertops with superior quality.  Straight lines are straight, seams are tight, and arcs are consistent.  We accurately accomplish custom designs, with greater intricacies and detail every stone, every time.



Spectrum Countertops is the benchmark for quality standards and unsurpassed service.  Currently, industry standards accept rough saw cut ‘butt seams’.  These seams are highly visible and detract from the overall elegance of the stone.  However, with our technology the attractive European Lock Miter Seam is not only possible, but consistently reproducible.  With the countertop installed, this particular joint makes it impossible to look directly down the seam from any given point in the room.



Protect the decision to enhance your home’s value with stone countertops.  We consistently deliver a superior product, with superior performance, from superior craftsmen.  All of our in home services are performed by Spectrum Countertops giving you the peace of mind that no sub-contractors will be in your home.  Ultimately, this is why our product and our company are the very best.  To us, the difference is in the details!