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Solid Surface Care

Solid Surface was created for a lifetime of easy care.  Just follow the simple guidelines listed here to keep your surfaces looking as fresh as the day they were installed.  Your Care and Maintenance kit will provide you with the tips and tools to help you enjoy your new Solid Surface countertop for years to come.

Routine Care

There are three types of countertop finishes:  matte/satin, semi-gloss and high-gloss.  Most countertops are finished with a matte/satin finish.  Soapy water, ammonia based cleaners or commercially available solid surface cleaners will remove most dirt and residue from all types of finishes.  Stubborn residue will require a little stronger cleaner.  Follow the recommendations in the table below to properly clean your countertop and acrylic sink.

With hundreds of colors and varying hues, some colors may appear to require more frequent cleaning to maintain a uniform finish.  Darker colors tend to require more attention than lighter colors.  Over time, through proper care and use, your countertop will acquire a patina, changing the appearance of the finish.

Preventing Heat Damage

Solid Surface is an excellent material for heat resistance.  As with all countertop materials, it is important to use common sense and minimize direct heat exposure to protect your surface and investment.  Use heat trivets or hot pads when placing hot objects on any surface.  Allow cookware to cool before placing them into an acrylic sink.

Preventing Other Damage

In most cases Solid Surface can be repaired if accidentally damaged.  However, be sure to follow the guidelines here to prevent any permanent damage to your surface:

  • Avoid exposing the surface to strong chemicals, such as: paint removers, oven cleaners, drain cleaners, metal cleaners, acetone (nail polish remover), cleaners containing methylene chloride, etc.  If contact occurs, quickly flush the surface with water and dry.
  • Do not cut directly on the surface.
  • Boiling water can cause thermal-shock to an acrylic sink.  Always temper the water by running your faucet while pouring boiling water into your sink.
  • Never throw or drop items into an acrylic sink.  It's a good practice to place all items gently into the sink to avoid and damage.
  • Spectrum Countertops will provide you with extra material from the fabrication of your countertops.  This will be in the form of trivets, cut-outs, etc.  It is important to keep this extra material in the event there is damage to your existing countertop, we will have the exact color matched material to repair it.

Removing Minor Cuts and Scratches

Because the beauty of Solid Surface goes all the way through, surfaces are completely renewable.  You can remove a minor cut or scratch yourself by following these instructions:

  • Judge the severity of the scratch and start with the finest grit sanding pad to remove the scratch, (the color of the pads from roughest to smoothest are: White, Yellow, Green, Peach, Lilac, Blue, Gray).  Rub over scratch in a straight line to remove it.  Periodically switch the rubbing direction 90 degrees.  Be sure all of the scratch is removed.  If this first step takes too long, try the next heavier grit sanding pad.  To minimize dust during sanding, wet the surface.  Rinse pad periodically to clean residue.
  • Clean surface with water.  Select next lighter grit and repeat the process.  Rub over a larger area to blend in sanding.
  • Continue process using successively finer grits until the desired gloss level is achieved.  Rinse out all pads used and air dry before putting them away
  • If you are not comfortable doing this yourself, are unhappy with the outcome or have large defects and repairs, contact Spectrum Countertops for professional refurbishing.